Bassett - Lowke  Wanted

 O gauge



I am recently retired and I would like to start a hobby collecting Bassett-Lowke model railways.

I am looking for any 0 gauge items made between 1910 and 1965.


Do you have any for sale ?


If so please email me




Here are just a few pictures of some of these earlier models I would like to find :-


portsmouth motor.jpg


The Portsmouth motor coach, made by Exley for Bassett-Lowke



A range of locomotives were made, many by other manufacturers for Bassett Lowke, such as Bing, Carette and Märklin.


Almost all were British outline but a small number were American.


In addition some Continental models were imported and sold through the Bassett-Lowke catalogue and shops.

BL 2 goods.jpg






Goods wagon or coaches are always a must to any collector




BL literature.jpg








A very small sample of the many books, catalogues etc NEEDED


12 Original Bassett Lowke 0 gauge station from 1932 used by Trix Express in 1935.jpg


Wooden station made in the 1930’s.


Bassett Lowke madea range of buildings and track side accessories.



These are just a few from the many made by Bassett-Lowke :  engines, coaches, wagons, signals, buildings track to mention just the regular items needed for a model railway


Please get in touch if you have any for sale :





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