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1=near mint / excellent         2=minor paint scratches but otherwise complete

3=paint marked with possible other defects      4=poor maybe need repair


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Für deutsche Sammler :- Es entstehen Ihnen keine zusätzlichen Auslands-Überweisungskosten, da ich über ein Bankkonto in Deutschland verfüge.



All Locos are tested and fully working                                                      

Trix Twin



RARE   Southern Railway 0-4-0 plus tender  

Cat. 5/525

Note : I have not put a date on this as the loco body is pre-war but the tender is post war, the only difference being the couplings.  It could have been assembled immediately post war when some pre-war parts were used.  Motor is 1940’s

SR black w tender 4.jpg



SR black w tender 1.jpg


SR black w tender 3.jpg













Loco is 2, paint almost 1


Note two minor paint chips on the front of the engine cab roof.


Recently serviced.

Price plus postage




62 Euro



More  items on the next update,



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