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Dr. Barnardo’s Layout




In 1955 the Trix company published an article about a Trix layout at the Dr. Barnardo’s Home for boys at Wooler House in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey.  The article in the TTR publication “Showing the Way” described  the layout as being built by a team of boys and was planned to be operated by a team. 


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It all started 6 years earlier when a parcel arrived at the home containing a few rails and trucks. This set the boys off collecting all the bits of Trix they could find.   After 3 years building started and at last the trains were running.  The boys made up in enthusiasm for what they lacked.  They made all their own scenery, stations, signals, viaducts, bridges, trees and hedges from materials they found to hand.


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The layout has over 200 feet of track.



Many well wishers sent the boys locomotives and more equipment


The article prompted Pathé films to make a short film about it.

This can now be seen on the web by clicking on the link below.


NOTE :  to get the best out of this before clicking the start button, click on the small box with an arrows in the corner just at the bottom right of the picture of the leyout.  This will give you a full screen view.  To return press escape on your PC.



Incidently I have found several other short clips in newsreel about TTR at exhibitions in the 1940’s and 50’s most are very short and poor quality.  The camera focusing mainly on the crowds or a person looking at the layout.


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