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A large Trix Twin Layout by Duncan Bell


Bell overview A.jpg


The layout is a reproduction of the famous 1939 professionally built TTR layout exhibited by Trix at the BIF in 1939


The layout was built in the 1980’s and put on exhibition.  It no longer exists!



The plan of the layout is an L shape.

The longest part is 16 feet the next longest is 12 feet. The width of the marshalling yard area is 6 feet.


Three trains could be run simultaneously, two on the main line and one operating the hump shunting.


There are 26 remote left hand points and 24 rights



The Hump marshalling yard and goods area.




Show layout 1939 2



On the left a photo of this fabulous Trix Twin layout from the Trix Gazette of 1939 can be seen. 



On the right Duncan’s reconstruction of the marshalling yard area with gravity shunting.








Bell marshalling yard B.jpg

Bell marshalling yard.jpg


Above another view of the marshalling yard.  Just out of sight, higher up the ramp the remote uncoupling rail enables hump shunting


. Bell good depotB.jpg


The same part of the layout on the left and above as seen from the other side


Bell good depotA.jpg





On the left, the goods and engine sheds above from the front.


Bell through stationA.jpg




On the left one can see a view of the through station situated on the outside of the down slope of the marshalling yard.  A corner f this station can also be seen in the picture immediately above this one.



Moving round the layout, further to the left from the photo above , the picture below shows the tracks in the marshaling yard converging. In the background the main line round the outside of the layout can be seen.



Below can be seen another view of the blue Coronation Scot, in the background pulling an express train. Below it has a rest by the engine shed

Bell coronationA.jpg

Bell coronationc.jpg




Bell track workA.jpg




Before entering the grand station described below the trains pass through this interesting junction.



A long freight train in the background can be seen heading towards the marshaling yard.






The Main line Station






Show layout 1939 1

The 1939 Gazette showed the large through station above.



Below: the exit from the station above on the right side.



Below Duncan’s reconstruction, seen from the other side.

Bell Main station A.jpg




Below another view taken a bit further to the left of the picture above.  In the distant background a modern edition is the conveyor.

Bell through stationB.jpg





Bell Main station rear amd contrils.jpg







Tony Matthewman, author of the book “The History of Trix Model Railways”, looks on admiringly during a visit in about 1984.





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