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A Trix Twin Layout in Surrey

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Freight train 1



Garry Lefevre’s latest layout in 2005




The layout was started in 2000. Over the past 5 years it has evolved with changes and additions. Sometimes these changes were not a success and have since been further modified. In the winter of 2003. I built a spiral to take trains down under the layout to underground storage tracks.  But two problems continuously occurred ; the long trains derailed and TTR locos were not powerful enough to pull trains up the spiral.  My new layout solves the problem.  But first here are some views :-



My door view1

A view of the original part of the layout as it is today. In the foreground is the back of the engine shed.

On the left is the through station using TTR Manyways units.  In the background is the town built from a variety of kits.


The photo below shows the detail above the tunnel entrance

own 4 





Another view of the engine yard. The turntable was made by Fleishmann for Märklin.  It is 3 rail, but the outer rails are insulated making it possible to use it for Trix, 2 or 3 rail.


Engine yard 3


Yard lamps are by both TE and TTR

Engine yard 2


A Portsmouth train rounds the bend.  The cattle lorry is scratch built from balsa wood, probably in the 1940’s

Rear engine shed1


Track is both TTR fibre based or TE nickel silver super track with universal points.  I run a mixture of pre-war TTR AC, post war Trix 2 and 3 rail and Märklin conventional and digital.  This requires some complex wiring.  The control panel enables me to switch the entire layout over to any one of several modes by just turning a rotary switch.  For example:-



1 = TTR 3 rail AC

2 = 3 rail DC

3= 2 rail DC + 1side/centre AC

4= 2 rail DC + 1 side/centre rail DC

5= Märklin conventional

6= Märklin digital

My control1

All points and signals are linked via relays to function together

The panel slides under the layout out of sight when not in use.



Some more views of the station and town :-


My station view2


At the back a line runs behind some buildings in a cutting.

My town 2


Layout mitropa station

A pre-war Trix Express train picking up passengers.  The entrance to the subway on the platform was designed by Trix in 1939 but never put into production.  This one is reproduced in plastic card from drawings shown in literature of the time.  Lights are by Brawa





The most recent reconstruction was needed to provide underground storage tracks which trains could reach without going down/up a spiral.  This has been achieved by using the full length of one wall to give a gradient of no more than 2% for the up line, whereas to save space the down line is partly a spiral and part a gradient up to 3 ½ %.  


Layout spiral u constr


The old spiral

My layout new extension 2

The new development.


The steep down line is in the front, going left before turning back and under.

The up line is the more gradual line on the left


On the right, storage tracks under construction.  Below the finished two level storage. 

My storage1

My layout new extension 1


A freight train and the diesel flier pass each other on the finished bend above the spiral

Bromberg 2




At this point it is useful to see an overall plan.


Airial plan

‘A’ is a single down line which loops back up at ‘B’.

The two lines at ‘C’ reappear at ‘D’

The terminal station, still being developed is reached via a single track, winding round behind the buildings to join the circle at two points on the top left creating a ‘Y’ junction.  This enables trains to be run out and back to the terminal using any of the 3 continuous circuits.

Terminal station 1




Below – a from the engine cab round the layout on the inner circle






As night falls lights can be switched on.

my pullman day 2

A Green Bo Bo pulling some Pullmans.


Station night 1


Manyways station entrance at night

Station night entrance 1


My layout Oct 2003 at night platfrom with steps

The through Station at night

More about these lights

From the platform – a view of the town




My layout Oct 2003 at night engine shed

The engine yard at night. 

Yard lights in this photo are all Trix Express



Future developments include moving the engine yard next to the terminal station and building a freight yard in its place.  But that’s for winter 2009 !!





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