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From The Netherlands


Henk Dubbelt’s “Twin” layouts


Dubelt1  Dubelt6


Side by side in a L shape Henk has both a TTR classical table top layout and a TE scenic display


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Track for this layout is the more modern TE type with ballast underlay

The Trix Express scenic layout is based on a typical Dutch scene of a small town with canals and warehouses.  The classic ornate front to buildings can be seen in this street scene.


A “ Dresdener” tram



The TTR layout is mainly pre-war with some rare items, especially with the wooden buildings. 

Here a pre-war Southern train just leaves as a post war pale blue  0-4-0 can be seen just coming into the Manyways station.






A gantry signal box from the 1930’s and a wooden footbridge can be seen in this photo.

A modern touch is the ever popular coal conveyor.




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