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From Kent in Southern England,

Keith Hayman’s  Layout


Hayman funfair4




Spring  2009



Hayman layout5




Keith is a well known Trix Twin collector and enthusiast for many years.


In 2004 he moved to a new house and has constructed  a layout measuring 7 feet by 9 feet.  The layout uses fibre based track with universal points.  The track has been ballasted to give a realistic appearance.






The view alongside shows an overview. The layout has a double continuous loop, reversing on itself in a dog bone shape to give as long a run as possible. Each loop can have two trains at once in either traditional TTR AC or latter DC mode.



The bottom left part of the layout lifts up to allow access to the centre.

 Hayman layout2

A view on the left side



Hayman layout4







Three blue locos !

From the top : A Trix Express diesel,

Middle the popular blue Meteor set

Bottom a Blue Scotsman

4 Years further on,

with some scenery added and some cattle !

The same corner of the layout above seen from the other side







Hayman funfair3


This picture shows another view of the fair and the small childrens’ railway running round the outside of the fairground.


At the back a TTR Meteor speeds round the reversing loop.

A feature of the layout is a very detailed operating fun fair.  The big wheel, the swings and the carousel all work. A small children’s train loops round the fair.

Keith has wired up a recorder to play fairground music


Hayman funfair1

A view of the Fun Fair !


Hayman funfair2



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