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Martin Draysonís Essex layout


Drayson 4


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The layout is built on a 4' x 8' sheet of chipboard, cut into three equal pieces for ease of transport, and mounted on trestles. Wiring is concealed below, with connections via multipole plugs and sockets. The two Bakelite inner circuits are wired for twin-running, with red isolating switches controlling the sidings.


The design isbased loosely on "An Interesting Layout". This was a design published as a blueprint in the back of some TTR instruction books circa 1938. The original was 12' long but Martin shortened it to fit in the available space.


There is also an outer circuit, which is just a plain oval with no points. It is a mixture of fibre-based track and "Super" track and can be used equally well with scale and coarse wheels. All "scenery" and buildings are Trix or Kibri for Trix. Signals are a mixture of manual semaphore and colour light signals.


The layout has been shown on about four occasions at the Annual Festival of Model Railways at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend-on-Sea.




This photo shows the display cabinets which are themselves collectors pieces coming from shop display cabinets of the 1950ís



Drayson 3

Drayson 2




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