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From Scotland


Neale Lawson’s GIANT layout

Spread over two rooms !


Some photos will take a moment to load !


Lawson 5


Track plan

The layout is situated in two rooms :-

 4.2 meters x 3 meters and 2 meters x 2 meters


The layout is all AC and all bakelite track


Lawson 1


This is a view of the main station situated on the lower level.  The Manyways units have been raised around the station complex to two levels.


On the left the storage yards can be seen.


A total of 4 trains can be run simultaneously


The other side of the station shows the engine yard, on the left the rolling stock yard with a conveyor straddling the tracks, whilst to the right and rear the part of the upper level can be seen.


The two levels can be operated separately but with two lines connecting them enabling trains to move between the levels.

Lawson 2

Lawson 3


The complex entry to the station and yards shows the many possibilities for switching tracks from some of the 80 plus points all operated by remote control on the layout. Signals too operate from the control centre

Lawson 4

 A close up view of the station shows some of the early pre-war stock on the layout.  Altogether 16 full length trains can be made up and stored on the siddings.


Built up over many years, Neale has just moved house and the layout taken down. He plans to build a new layout to a new design starting this coming winter.

( 2003)





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