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From Southern Germany


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Peter Berg, is a keen model railways enthusiast who exhibits at local events in Southern Germany.

This video is of a layout combining both TTR, Trix Express and Marklin. To save time in loading the pictures over the internet the quality has been reduced.

More pictures can be seen at Peter’s

Home page – see links


Peter Berg’s Home Layout

Layout Peter Bs 1


This picture shows his TTR and Trix Express items in a classical layout.   The tin plate station is Marklin, whilst the track shown here is Trix bakelite.   Some of the rare tin plate accessories on his layout can be seen in this photo.


Trix Express stock are on the left whilst TTR is on the right.


Some of his English outline TTR stock can be seen in this photo.


Peter is making a name for himself exhibiting his layout at local German train shows.


More of his layout can be seen on his own home page – see links on my home page

Layout Peter Bs 2


Photos of Peter’s  Collection from 2003


Peter Berg 1





Peter Berg 2

A 1935 Disc wheel loco and coaches  first sold on the English market at Xmas 1935





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