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From Switzerland


Is this the World’s largest Trix 3 rail layout ?


Updated 23 April 2006


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Knubi Club

Hans Isler, Oberortweg 8, 8804 Au, Switzerland

300 meters of mainline

Equivalent to 18 miles of scale track !


Img zurich2




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The name KNUBI Club, derives from the first letter of the names of the 5 Trix enthusiasts who have built the layout.  They are :-
-- Walter Kern for the "K" and he is the "Organizer" and a "TRIX

-- Juerg Nufer for the "N" and he is the "Brain" and a "TRIX Enthusiast"

-- Walter Ulrich for the "U" and he is the "Gauge I Model Maker"

-- Walter Bernet for the "B" and he is the "Tool Engineer" and "(Any) Model Maker"

-- Hans Isler for the "I" and he is the "Electric Engineer" and a "TRIX


KNUBI_2006 003

Another visitor a TTR Princess in 2006



Img zurich1


A visiting Coronation Scot passes over this scratch built spectacular bridge


Img zurich3



The layout has taken 8 years to build so far, with most of the track finished.



The layout consists of a double mainline winding through mountains and doubling back on itself many times. At each end the train reverses to return down the other line.   A train travelling at scale speed can take between 15 minutes and 20 minutes before it returns to its starting position.

KNUBI_2006 029


A view of the mountain under construction

KNUBI_2006 023

A view in 2006 with the scenery added


The whole layout is controlled by an automatic train control block system.  A small stud near the centre rail activates a relay to close the block behind the loco.  A magnet in the last car reverses the relay to open the block.  Numerous trains can be run simultaneously


Img zurich5



A fun feature is the TV camera mounted inside a coach which gives a track side view of the line ahead as the engine pushes it in front .  The picture is transmitted to a TV screen at the back of the room.  The room measures 36 feet by 25 feet or 11 meters by 8 meters.


KNUBI_2006 015


KNUBI_2006 021


As scenery is added the layout is coming to life


A vital club meeting





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