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The First UK Trix 1935 Catalogue


Trix logo prewar German on box2

 The name Trix Twin was not used until 1936



cat1936 front cover

The front cover shows Mr. Bassett-Lowke operating a train on an exhibition layout. All the locomotives and rolling stock are the German Trix Express models modified for the English market.

The catalogue unfolds to show :-


cat1936 inside 1cat1936 inside 2


This spread sheet measures 60cms x 24 cms.

At the top is the passenger train shown with disc wheels was printed in actual size. On the tender is written “ Twin Train”, whereas it was marketed with the words “Trix Express”. On many models just visible is the name change with the paint underneath showing Twin Train. Clearly the name was changed after many had been painted.


The bottom train shows the freight train.


The narrative explains the advantage of two locos on the same track under independent control and a boast about quality “ 15 coaches were loaded with nails and she was sent on a run of over 100 miles…At the end of the journey the train was pronounced as perfect as when she first left the terminus”



cat1936 inside 3

The second back sheet ( above) shows the complete range of rolling stock and buildings. These buildings were the German wooden ones. Note the station has a round clock as was used on the Trix Express “ Trixtstadt” station.  Whereas in England the clock was square with the name Twin City. This catalogue was not too accurate !


The original engine shed shown in the catalogue was only high enough to allow the steam loco to enter.  Soon after the catalogue was made the engine shed was heightened to allow the 20/52 electric loco with pantographs to enter. The colour was also changed.  The early ones were in pale green, but very quickly the colour was changed to pale cream or pale yellow.




cat1936 back cover

The back cover shows other products made and marketed by Bassett-Lowke


Here is a photo of the original 1935 trains with the very early pale green buildings :-


Diorama 1935 4


cat1936 price list

The Price list is in shillings.  To convert there were 20 shillings to £1. Thus the transformer shown as 10/6 was 10 shillings and 6 pence or 52.5 pence in new money that is just under 1 Euro.  The passenger set with disc wheels was 35 shillings or £1-75 or 2.50 Euro. Today collectors pay up to £1,000 and more for one in mint condition. That has easily beaten inflation !!



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