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The Twin Train Catalogue



1936 cover 1


In the Spring of 1936 Trix introduced a range of English outline models.  These were still called “ Twin Trains”  The name “Trix” was not used in the catalogue.  The front cover shows Mr. Bassett-Lowke operating a train on an exhibition layout.  The trains are now the English outline models but the buildings are the German Trix Express models although the inside of the catalogue introduced new English buildings !


The catalogue unfolds to show :-

Cat 1936 inside 1



This spread sheet measures 60cms x 24 cms.

On the left the introduction section shows a simple layout.  The text explains the advantages of independent control of two trains at the same time on the same track.


The centre two pages show the new models : in LMS and LNER livery.  A complete set of matching coaches and goods wagons is shown. The Trix Express 0-4-0 tank 20/54 and the electric loco 20/52 ( the disc wheel loco is shown) are still in the catalogue.

The right hand side shows the various items of track.


Cat 1936 inside back 1



The centre part of the back sheet ( above) shows the complete range of rolling stock and new English style buildings. These buildings were different from the German ones mainly in detail, except for the terminal station which was a different design and smaller then the TE one. Note; the photo of the through station has a round clock as was used on the Trix Express model whereas in England the clock was square with the name Twin City on the platform signs. This catalogue was not too accurate !


These buildings are referred to as “ Bassett-Lowke” Twin Train accessories.





1936 back 1

The back cover shows other products made and marketed by Bassett-Lowke.  The date indicates it was still being printed in March 1937.





cat1936 price list

The Price list is in shillings.  To convert there were 20 shillings to £1. Thus the transformer shown as 10/6 was 10 shillings and 6 pence or 52.5 pence in new money that is just under 1 Euro.  The passenger set with disc wheels was 35 shillings or £1-75 or 2.50 Euro. Today collectors pay up to £1,000 and more for one in mint condition. That has easily beaten inflation !!



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