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TTR logo 1937


The Trix Twin Catalogue


The first catalogue to use the TTR logo


Cat 1937 animation 3


In the Spring of 1937 the new catalogue showed on the front page a locomotive coming out of a tunnel. Turning the split page shows a train going the other way into the tunnel, illustrating the principle of “Twin Trains”



The catalogue unfolds to show :-

Cat 1937 inside 1


This spread sheet measures 44 cms x  37 cms.


A closer view of the LNER trains on the top right is shown below:-

Cat 1937 inside 4


And the centre bottom in close up shows the range of rolling stock :-

Cat 1937 inside 3

The train at the bottom of the photo shows a mixed liveried train, with a LMS loco and guards van whilst the other stock is LNER


The new English style buildings are shown only briefly, not all of the ones listed are shown, perhaps they were not yet made at the time the catalogue was printed,  but prices are listed. For example the Terminal station cost 15/- that is about 75 pence in todays money or 1 Euro !

Cat 1937 inside 2



Part of the back :-

Cat 1937 back 1

On the left the advantages of Trix track are explained, and on the right automatic uncoupling using the new remote uncoupling rail.


Cat 1937 back 2


The back cover shows the Trix Construction sets.



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