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From Germany a Trix Express dream


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Roland Buchhold’s layout

( under construction )



Up dated August 2002


Layout roland overview





Roland’s layout is made using both older style bakelite track and modern Trix 3 rail super track.  The layout was planed 16 years ago and a lot of plans exist only on paper.


The original measurement was about  3 meters x 1.3 meters (the part you see in the picture). Another part is actively under construction shown on the right of the plan below.


The layout was planed for a five car train each coach  27 cm long to be the longest train.


The track diagram shows the planned expansion to the right.  The picture above is the part on the left.


A few more views are shown below


Roland 5

Roland 3 Layout roland freight train


Layout roland tunnel


Layout roland freight train2




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