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Trix as a teenager !


1948 to 1965


TTR 1948 show B.jpg

The first picture of a professional layout I have after the war is this one taken in 1948.

This was at the Central Hall Westminster, London at the annual model railway show.

It shows on the right Siegfried Kahn and Franz Bing, whilst on the far left is Bill Best manager of Trix Ltd.

The layout is similar to the one below without scenery.



The above layout was first shown at the BIF in 1950.  Afterwards it went on tour round department stores in the UK. With minor modifications it was used in 1951 and 1952 exhibitions. 

The gravity fed shunting yard can be seen clearly in this picture. I remember how fascinated I was as a young boy to see the locos run forward and back (never stalling) and pushing goods wagons down the slope where after auto uncoupling they ran into one of the sidings, each point operated by remote.  The times were displayed for the next full show as in between the locos had to be serviced.  Something we collectors of TTR know all about to day



A Britains Lilliput collector : George Burton added the following information about the picture on the right :


This is interesting from the Lilliput viewpoint in that it shows the Fordson Tractor, Hurdles and Sheep in front of the station in the centre. Beyond the station are what look like the fronts of Lilliput cars. There are also two horse-drawn items which look like the pre-WW2 Britains Gas Cylinder Trailers modified to have a Lilliput horse pulling them. Lilliput was not introduced until 1951 - the earliest reference found so far is an advert in the Meccano Magazine for the Tractor in March 1951. The supposition is that Britains supplied Trix with these prototype items for this display. Although the horse drawn trailers were not put into production, the Britains’ Archive material (originally housed in the Bethnal Green Museum) did contain Trailers finished in civilian colours (blue and yellow). In my collection I have an unusual Lilliput Sports Car with, so far, a unique wheel type and no manufacturers name underneath - I am now wondering if this might be one of the pre-production/prototype samples used on this layout







Show layout 1953 1


The picture on the left is of a layout first shown at the British Industries Fair in the Spring of 1953 then subsequently at the annual Model Railway show at Westminster Hall in London.  The first event was for trade only whilst the second was the major public show of the year for all Model railways enthusiasts. I remember seeing this, having queued up in the rain outside the show for an hour or more.  So many people went that the queue had to controlled by several police officers

Above the 1953 Trix Twin layout with Trix Express items such as the Diesel Flier








Trix Ltd stand at Model Railway show in 1954.jpg

Above : Official Trix exhibition layout in April 1954

At Westminster London




An Early 1950’s Continental Trix layout

TE layout 1950's

All bakelite layout with a diesel flier and the post war 20/59 in the background.  The goods shed in the front made by Trix is much sort after by collectors




An unusual picture taken from the inside of the Bassett-Lowke shop in High Holborn in the 1950’s shows a demonstration layout on the left.


layout exhibition BS shop 1


A Trix Express layout in Germany shown in 1953 at a trade show in Nürenburg

Show layout 1953 Nurenburg 1


Unlike the English layouts the German ones had detailed scenery to add realism. These pictures must have been introducing the new fibre based track which can just be seen in the front of the layout, whereas the rest is bakelite.

Show layout 1953 Nurenburg 2

Above one can see a harbour scene. In the foreground on the left are two E94’s

Layout 1950s TE1





A 1954 layout from Nürenberg



Alongside is a rare colour photograph

 of a Trix Express layout designed to sell Trix to the Continental public.  This was presented at the annual Toy fair still used to day as the place to announce new products.

Show layout 1961

The layout on the left is from 1961


At yet another trade show Trix Express presented this fine layout.


It is interesting to note the track plan displayed above the layouts surrounding the “TRIX” name



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