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Trix Layouts from 1999 to 2012


   England    - USA   -  Germany




Adrian Cassidy’s

Monstrous layout


Shown at Twickenham TTRCA get together in 1999.

24 feet x 8 feet

( 8 meters x 2.7 meters )





For some Years Bruce Jordan has been exhibiting his layout in his native England, as well as in Holland and Germany

Seen at Plumpton in Sussex, England

In 2001

The layout measures 16 feet by 4 feet, or 5 meters x 1.2 meters. 

A feature is his ability to run three trains under independent control on the same track at the same time.  This is achieved using operating cantenary.  By it is quite an achievement to be able to prevent them crashing !


The layout uses modern nickel silver TE track


Above picture by Steve White




The video will take a minute to load






Seen at Banbury, England

April 10th 2004






3 layouts were on display

Banbury 1

Specially made this DC version of the famous TTR US Pacific has the stretched tender similar to that seen in photos of the prototype but not put into production.  The loco in production used the Trix Express 20/57 with a short tender.

An aerial view of Geoffrey Robinson’s layout with a close up on the left


Banbury 2



Banbury 3


Banbury 5bis


Clive Parker demonstrates some of his Trix collection.  A close up view below shows a Portsmouth train, a compound loco, the blue meteor and in the background a diesel flier.

Banbury 4



The photo on the left shows the rare pre-war level crossing with operating barriers.  These were being raised and lowered during the show to let trains pass.



Banbury 7





The largest layout on display was by a recent  new member –Mark Biffen


A further view is shown below


Banbury 9



Diesel flyer through station

This video will take 1 minute to load




On the left a video clip from an earlier Banbury show on Keith Hayman’s layout




Keith Jones’s  * * Now showing in the USA !!


Built in 2003


The layout is a slightly enlarged version of the “Master” layout of the pre-wired table-tops available in the ‘50’s.  It is expanded slightly to add more longer sidings  with a passing loop for the dump line.  Total dimensions are 6’x4’  ( 2 meters x 1.3 meters).   All components are TTR or Trix Express.  The latter contributed the Transformers/DC controllers, some point switches and nine 2-pole relays.

True to the table top scheme, the two pairs of points that link the two loops are protected by block signalling/indicating check switch combinations.


KJones new 5

KJones new 4


Imga0015  KJones new 3

All other points are switched normally, but the control signal also switches a TE 2-pole relay per point.  The relay isolates the relevant siding and (where installed) controls the colour light signal.

The most complex part was the logic for the three points that control the ‘between loop’ siding and the station accesses.  The relays are connected such that ALL must be switched to main line for the signals to be green and the dead section powered.  Any one of these switched to the side line results in a red signal and dead section to prevent trains running the point






On Show in Southern Germany - 2004

Peter Berg, is a keen model railways enthusiast who exhibits in Southern Germany.

 The  layout on the right was shown in April 2004 in Achern (in the northern black forest) and combines both TTR, Trix Express and Marklin.

More pictures can be seen at Peter’s

Home page – see links on main page.


Below are two photos from the Gaggenau show in 2003


Gaggenau 3Scheibenradloks


Above are 3 ultra rare disc wheel locos from 1935; the original TE for the English market ( top), the German equivalent ( middle) and one intended for the Swiss market ( bottom).


Gaggenau Diesel units


A glimpse of the TTR blue Meteor alongside two Marklin locos in the middle a ST 800 and on the right a TWE 700.

TrixTTR in aachen


The layout is just for shows and measures 6 meters long, nearly 20 feet









At a special show at the Swindon Steam Museum

To celebrate 20 years of the Bassett-Lowke Society,


the TTRCA put on a display of Trix Twin from 1935 to 1960

on April 21st and 22nd 2012.

Organised by Adrian Cassidy, Steve White and others.


Swindon 014 adj.jpg


layout plan swindon.jpglayout plan swindon 2.jpg


The layout was built on “Vono” table tops made for Trix in the 1950’s.  Track consisted on a mixture of Bakelite and fibre base with 4 circuits each able to run “twin” trains and an out and back loop line.

This led to some exciting running as a pre-war Diesel Flier chased a Princess on one loop with a Meteor catching up a Coronation on another circuit.


On display and running were the first two disc wheel locos from 1935 as well as Portsmouth sets, diesel fliers, Coronations, Scotsman and Princess up to the more modern 1960’s diesel and a double headed Bo Bo pulling 30 goods wagons.  The ever popular coal conveyor was much in use to the delight of younger visitors.

Swindon A.jpg


Swindon c.jpg

Swindon b.jpg


The owners of Bassett-Lowke and Trix had a close connection and frequently co-operated in the design and manufacture of model railways in both HO, 0 and 1 Gauge from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.  More can be read about this relationship in the history of Trix Twin on this site or by clicking here “ The men who made Trix”




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