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Trix in Practice :-


track set with book

The above shows one of the set boxes to make a complete layout. These “Permanent Way Formation” sets were sold with a copy of the Permanent way manual from about 1937 onwards.  A number of different complete layouts were sold in this way.




Some basic TRIX TWIN layouts


Trix sold track formations complete with some starter plans, here are some examples from the above publication.


Track plans 2


Track plans 3




Track plans 1

The above shows some more complete sets sold by TTR before the war



A layout for the conveyor set :


In the 1950’s TTR brought out a wired table top.  The wires were already inserted underneath the table making it easy to set up a number of layouts with minimum effort. One such plan was for the elevated conveyor :-


Track plans 6


Aside from the conveyor this layout also used the automatic block control system, where by a train approaching a point set against it would automatically stop and a red light would show on the control switch.  Once the point was changed the engine would start again, (even AC ones).  The signal could also be linked to show red or green depending on the point setting.



A larger TRIX TWIN layout  : 


13 feet 6 inches ( 4 meters 10 cms) X 3 feet 7 inches ( 1 meter 10 cms), with detailed wiring instruction for a pre-war bakelite layout.


Track plans 4


I have added colours to clarify the wiring.  Below is a list of the track you need to build this layout.


Track plans 4bis



An exhibition TRIX TWIN layout  : 


I was lucky enough to find a blue print for an exhibition layout. This was designed by Bassett-Lowke probably for use in a shop display.  Click on the blue print for an enlargement :-


Blueprint 6


TRIX TWIN publications containing other track plans : 


A number of books, leaflets have been issued.  Here are a sample; some  relatively easy to find even now days whilst others not so easy :-




A pre-war publication with several layout plans

Track plans cover 1


The basic instruction book sold with many sets, some layouts and general advice

Instruction book


Issued to go with the pre-wired table top, it shows a number of plans from a simple design to a more complex set up.

Table top plan


The Permanent Way Manual


General book about railways and how to apply real practice to Trix model railways

Permanent way manual


Published in 1954, this is for the new fibre based track but the ideas can be used for bakelite track

book track layouts 1956




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